Don't Know Much

Don’t Know Much About® Literature

The latest addition to the multimillions-copy selling Don’t Know Much About series–a compelling compendium of history’s greatest and most influential works and writers.

In his irreverent and popular style, Kenneth C. Davis turns to the world of literature with this fun collection of quizzes. From Homer to “Harry Potter,” Chaucer to “Charlotte’s Web,” and “Beowulf” to the Beats, Davis engages readers with questions and answers about their favorite authors, characters and stories. DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT LITERATURE will spice up book group discussion, and it’s the ultimate car-trip book for families who want to learn as they go. As usual, Davis’s winning style feels like “returning to the classroom of the the best teacher you ever had” (People Magazine) and his latest efforts will delight book lovers and anyone who enjoys “Jeopardy,” Trivial Pursuit, and intellectual exercise soaked in fun. This book marks Davis’s first collaboration with his daughter, Jenny. JENNY DAVIS graduated from Harvard University with a degree in History and Literature. Kenneth C. Davis and Jenny Davis both live in New York City.