America's Hidden History Book Cover

Untold Tales of the
First Pilgrims,
Fighting Women &
Forgotten Founders
Who Shaped a Nation

In this dazzling new work of American history Kenneth C. Davis, one of the country's most popular historians illuminates some of the "hidden history" the schoolbooks left out.

Kenneth C. Davis
Don't Know Much About History Book Cover

Kenneth C. Davis, author of the bestselling Don't Know Much About® series

Kenneth Davis…merrily removes the whitewash from an often-bland concept of the past….The takeaway here is that history can be a lot of fun. And in "Hidden History" it is… —Associated Press

[Davis] skillfully illuminates the role of human foibles in historic events. —Publishers Weekly

With his witty and irreverent view of this country's Colonial and revolutionary past, [Davis] ably shows that the success or failure of isolated events can have national and international consequences. —Library Journal

Writing from a rich font of scholarship, seasoning the facts with wit, irony and a novelist's eye for telling detail, Kenneth C. Davis has conjured back to life some of the most fascinating figures of America's founding decades. All-but-forgotten heroines (Hannah Dustin, Anne Hutchinson, Mary Rowlandson) take their rightful place onstage alongside "great men" (Washington, Revere, Daniel Shays) whose names, until Davis restored them to life, had long eclipsed their striking words and deeds. This is American history in the vibrant narrative tradition of David McCullough and H. W. Brands. —Ron Powers, co-author of Flags of Our Fathers

Paul Revere didn't shout out, "The British Are Coming" as he galloped through the night on his famous ride. What did he actually say? Read Kenneth Davis' "Hidden History" and you'll find out. You'll learn lots more, too, in this engaging book of true, and often important, stories from U.S. history. These aren't the tales you'll find in most textbooks. —Joy Hakim, author of A History of US

Ken Davis now takes us on a journey into America's past, bringing to light little known tales that shaped the nation....Once again Ken Davis proves that what you don't know can be shocking. Do yourself a favor. Read this book. —Richard M.Cohen, author of Strong at the Broken Places